Sunday, September 23, 2007

An immersion for to improve the English

This is an exercise, so don't lose your time reading this, OK? And don't be nervous with my mistakes. The comments from this blog are a good space for you help me with my English. Thanks!

At this weekend I don't access the Internet because I was in an immersion from my English course. We went for a hotel in São Lourenço' City. It was rain all the time, but it was very good to improve my English. There we couldn't speak in Portuguese, so I stay since Saturday talking with my collogues colleagues only in English.

This was my first experience talking English for more than one hour and it's true that I didn't speak correct, how I don't can can't write this post correct, but now I know that I have been learned something at my course and that I can have a conversation with another people.

On the next year, most specific at January or February, I'll pretend go to Europe to study this language for one month to learn more. Now, after this weekend, I know that I can go quiet calm. And we will have another immersion at December to learn more, too. I will go and I recommend for my collogues colleagues that couldn't go. But for this time, we're wanting for a beautiful days without rain.


Gabriela Zago said...

What do you mean by "go quiet"? :P

Gilberto Balbela Consoni said...

OK, calm is better. I change and mark your comments. Thanks :)

Gabriela Zago said...

The best way to learn a new language is by trying to use it. Many mistakes are made during this process. But the mistakes are a necessary part of the learning process - not exactly the mistakes, but the act of correcting them :)

Gabriela Zago said...

este blog abre mais rápido :D